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About App Lock:

SpSoft is a developer for App Lock Fingerprint. The app launched in 2010. SpSoft is one of the Android app developers. The two primary SpSoft apps are App Lock Fingerprint and Secure Gallery (Lock and Hide Pict). Using smart fingerprint or face recognition technology, App Lock can lock and secure apps. Any app, including Facebook, Instagram, Gallery, and other social media apps, can be locked to prevent visitors from finding them. By taking a picture of visitors, App Lock can capture them. It also hides the fact that the app is locked with a false error message.

App lock-in eliminates the need to enter a PIN, and fingerprint scanners make it easier than ever to secure your smartphone. Third-party solutions are available, but there’s an official way to use the fingerprint reader to grant access to specific apps and folders. Let’s see how to hide content behind fingerprints in your social media apps and other apps. How can you lock apps and files with your finger using your fingerprint? Using a third-party app, like App Lock, which you can get from the Google Play Store, is the simplest way to achieve this. To set up App Lock on your phone, continue reading.

The purpose of App Lock:

On Android, App Lock Fingerprint is another extremely well-liked app locker. Support for PINs and fingerprint scanners is supported, and you may customize the passwords for each app. Additionally, you can make profiles and schedule the app locks to activate based on your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection or at a specified time. Ads are present in App Lock Fingerprint, but you can get away from them by making an in-app payment. Fantastic features also include the ability to remotely unlock a phone via SMS, hide an app, and “Observer,” which, as the title shows, snaps pictures of unsuccessful unlock attempts. Overall, this is the app to get if you like playing around with a range of options.App Lock Fingerprint

Any app or game you choose can be locked using App Lock. The size of hidden images, videos, or folders is unlimited. A random keyboard and a fingerprint scanner are the features of App Lock. Your browsing history is not saved. Compared to the simple functions of other apps, App Lock offers a wide range of functionality and comprehensive settings. 32 languages are supported.


Fingerprint You may lock built-in apps like Settings, Contacts, and SMS, as well as other third-party apps like Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, etc., with App Lock. On an Android phone, the app uses very little RAM and battery life. Protection for apps, privacy, and security. Using a widget and notification bar makes locking and unlocking simple. The following are supported: PIN, Pattern, Password, Gesture, Fingerprint, and Face Recognition. Restriction unlock tries to stop other people from repeatedly opening it, using specific applications that can rotate the screen automatically.

Recommendations for App Lock:

Your secure apps and folder lock are App Lock. Use a password, pattern, fingerprint, or face recognition lock to safeguard your privacy. Additionally, App Lock provides a vault feature that allows you to hide APK files, random files, photos, videos, and audio. To prevent access from other apps, the app moves the file to one of its secure folders. It can also be used to lock files so that only a fingerprint reader can open them.

An app that snaps photos of outsiders who attempt to use your device and emails them to you With its intelligent lock feature, you can lock it for a limited amount of time or set it to unlock automatically when you are connected to a particular Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network.


App Lock Fingerprint has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. It has received a total of 939K reviews. Android is compatible with the app. Over 50 million people have downloaded the app so far. Without a doubt, it ranks among the finest fingerprint app locks for Android smartphones. This app is only 8MB in size. As a result of being a compact app, it operates quickly and without lag. This application lets you lock the gallery and other third-party apps.

Final Words:

Using a third-party app is the easiest way to lock apps and files with your fingerprint. App Lock is one of the most well-known and trustworthy. You can use the built-in fingerprint scanner on every Android smartphone to increase the security of your device. Your Android phone’s security can be increased with the use of fingerprint app locks. You can establish a screen lock on almost all Android smartphones, but the lock is useless if someone knows your device’s PIN or password.

One of the best methods adopted by many people today is to keep strangers away from your cell phone. You may use the fingerprint scanner that is built into every Android phone to increase the security of your smartphone. High-level security is ensured by installing the best fingerprint app lock, which is something that PIN codes, pattern codes, and passwords cannot do. To unlock your Android device, you don’t need to remember a long, secure PIN, password, or pattern lock.

The best fingerprint app lock from the Google Play Store is App Lock Fingerprint. It enables you to protect the privacy of your data and the security of your smartphone. The app checks the data with the device’s registered fingerprints. The app software for pattern matching and analysis on the device then processes the data further. When the Fingerprint app lock confirms the user’s identity, they are granted access.