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About Brainly:

Brainly is an online platform for homework questions and solutions. Other students and topic experts respond to questions students have about a specific class subject or grade level. The website encourages students to post responses by giving them points based on the number of points based on the question poster provided. There is no method to filter out invalidated responses when browsing or searching.

The point system tends to encourage students to provide as many answers as possible, even though moderators are expected to keep up with all of the site’s data. The Brainly offers advice on how to answer questions effectively, but these suggestions aren’t often followed. Students can complete challenges where they must respond to several questions about particular subjects in a set amount of time to gain even more points.

Brainly’s Purpose:

Students may get short solutions on Brainly to help them do their assignments more quickly. Even when the answers are correct, they rarely go into great detail or length on the subject. Some moderators try to keep the site safe and effective but don’t quickly fix every wrong response. Although the questioner, not an expert, decides the points, the point system might encourage students to develop good organisational skills.

Brainly claims that it upholds an honour code by forbidding copying and cheating. However, questions and answers frequently get past the moderators and community administrators without being noticed. There are a few sincere responses among the many incorrect and useless ones. AirDroid File & Remote Access AnyDesk Remote Desktop lets you work flexibly with one tool anytime and from any location. 


Recommendation of Brainly:

Students may get quick solutions to their homework issues at Brainly. You should go carefully with it, though. To determine whether the site is appropriate for their student’s needs, teachers should first browse it for themselves. Advanced students may find it enjoyable to help others on Brainly while gaining ranking and rewards. To prevent plagiarism and exam cheating, keep an eye on how your students are using the service. Also, make sure they are using the private chat option responsibly. You must try this app for online education: Vedantu is the best platform for children and kids to practise math and prepare for math exams.


Users rated Brainly 4.3 out of 5 stars from 2.58 million reviews. The largest social learning community and homework app in the world is called Brainly. Every month, more than 300 million students use Brainly to learn. You may learn disciplines like art, business studies, chemistry, English, geography, Hindi, history, math, music, physics, psychology, Sanskrit, science, social studies, and sociology with the support of Brainly’s partners.

Final words :

Students may improve their knowledge of areas including English, math, science, and social studies by using Brainly. They may connect with classmates, subject-matter experts, and qualified trainers using the platform for discussions about their subjects. Subject categories are used to group questions according to their country of origin and level of study. Users are required to explain their responses and cite their sources.

On the website Brainly, members are rewarded for often offering excellent responses to topics. A certain number of points are earned before receiving some rankings. Users may also apply for “special ranks” for achieving excellence in specific fields. On the website, people who collected the most points or answered the most questions are recognized.