Bridge Race

Bridge Race

About Bridge Race:

Video game publisher Israeli Supersonic Studios and Turkish developer Garawell Games have released Bridge Race. It’s where the player gathers bricks of their preferred colour and arranges them on a bridge of their choice. The game was made available on iOS and Android on December 9, 2020. Approximately 250 million people have downloaded the best racing game yet. By battling others for collectable bricks, attempt to construct your own bridge! Potential thieves should be on your radar. Join the journey with more than a thousand stages that feature slides, bouncy castles, ziplining, ladders, and elevators. Create a bridge using the bricks of your own colour that you have accumulated.

Purpose of Bridge Race:

A multiplayer game called Bridge Race has the premise of building bridges. To find out who can cross the water first during this game, you’ll build bridges in competition with the other players and clear the path by gathering bricks.

The goal of the Bridge Race is to construct a bridge as rapidly as you can. You gather bricks, topple your adversaries, and race to the finish first. Although it’s a lot of fun, Bridge Race is easy to play. In this game multiplayer in Bridge Race. Developed this guide to provide you with all the insider information you need to succeed in Bridge Race. After all, the game kind of hinges on that.

Once you have a sizable pile of bricks, take possession of a street. Getting a jumpstart is crucial since there are more lanes than the number of constructors and if you don’t, you’ll constantly be playing grab. Additionally, it will place at least one of your opponents at an advantage, which is what you seek.

Recommendation for Bridge Race:

In order to build a bridge that reaches the top of the map, you are assigned a colour, and the goal of the game is to gather that colour. The idea is to be as swift as you can since other people can overlay your bridges with their colour, thereby erasing your efforts. The player who reaches the top of the map first wins.

When bricks are dropped by builders, they turn grey and can be added to your stack. If a builder has a smaller pile than you do on their head, you can push them over. You will benefit much from this because you will be able to tell if you have ever fallen over yourself. You may also try Bubble Shooter App.

Bridge Race

Feature of Bridge Race:

  • The character and block’s colour can be changed:

You can play with more than 80 various kinds of characters, more than 30 various types of blocks, and more than 30 multiple-colour options Customize your character’s outfits as well as their colour.

  •  Bundles:

Additionally, packs with fascinating characters, building pieces, and original character animations are available.

  • Route Map:

You can see your route map and return to your previous position to achieve greater results—possibly even flawless  You can play in numerous cities all over the world.


This app rating is 3.7 and out of 5 stars and 1.23 million reviews and 100million downloaded this app. The Bridge Race game is very easy to play and has different colours and bricks. This game is a lot of fun I enjoy it a lot and the Bridge Race game is an excellent game.

Final words:

The Bridge Race game is good this game had a different player online 3D climbing arcade game Bridge Race combines racing and collecting mechanics in a 3D environment. Your objective in this brick-and-stickman game is to reach the last platform by gathering the bricks that match the colour of your character.