Bubble shooter App

About Bubble Shooter app:

Bubble Shooter is defined as a puzzle/shooter PC and Mobile game, originally developed by Absolutist and IIyon Dynamics Games in 2000. Accordingly, the bubble shooter game is an entertaining, fun relaxing game. Match the three colour bubbles to pass the levels. Also, focus your brain to complete the game. Test your strategic abilities in a competition with your family and friends to see who can compete at each level with a perfect score and get stars. It is a fantastic shooting game that is simple to learn and being able to master. Moreover, you can play this game with your family and friends to have fun. 

Purpose of Bubble shooter app:

This is one of the best games for beginners. The idea behind the bubble shooter game is to match three bubbles of the same colour to make combinations to shoot them. Similarly, clear the board to finish the objectives by applying logic and puzzle-solving methods. Also, don’t forget to take the daily rewards. Moreover, The game aims to clear the field by splitting the same coloured bubbles into groups of three or more. furthermore, when more bubbles are destroyed in a single shot, more points are given. Indeed, a player wins when there are no bubbles visible on the screen. I suggest you try this android game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Bubble shooter


The bubble shooter game has 3000 plus exciting levels. And also, level up and win great prizes. They have amazing audio and visuals to get more interest to play the game.  Furthermore, connect the Facebook and share the fun with friends. To overcome obstacles and complete the level, use power-ups like fireballs and explosives to burst the pop and seven consecutive bubbles. Although, Recheck before hitting One of the most crucial aspects of this game is reaching the objective, and while hitting the bubble, double-check your aim. Play this game wherever you want. 

A Recommendation for Bubble Shooter:

I recommend, the Bubble shooter game to improve the brain power by completing the levels. It is stated when players are careful to follow the dotted line for their aim, they usually end up winning. Also, you have the opportunity to alternate the colour of your shot bubble in the game. Trigger the three-match balls and burst them to clear the level. Indeed, to complete the objectives and get points and fantastic gifts. It’s a very interesting game to have fun with friends. May also try the Word Search game.


The bubble Shooter app got 4.0 out of 5 stars. Overall, with 1.93 million reviews and nearly 100 million plus downloads.  According to the concept, the players who are attentive and follow the dotted line to achieve their target typically succeed. Before hitting the intended bubble, cross-check thoroughly before hitting the desired bubble. Moreover, use your power-ups(Fireball, Bomb) whenever it is possible to quickly complete the level. The bubble shooter game is very fascinating and fun.

Final words:

In the conclusion, Bubble shooter is a very interesting game that sharpens your brain through this game. Truly, the game has wonderful audio and visual effects. Indeed, once you enter the game search for the cluster of bubbles at the top. watch out for the pistol at the bottom of the screen that is carrying bubbles. Use the switch in the bottom left corner of the screen to change the shooting bubble as well. Instead, the player uses the power-ups to finish the level. So, may try the game and experience it.