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About CamScanner App:

              An all-in-one scanning app is CamScammer, it transforms your mobile device into a powerful, portable scanner. In 2011, the CamScanner app is one of the first apps to introduce consumers to the ease of picture scanning on their smartphones. Eight years later, Kaspersky Lab discovered the app disseminating Trojan-Dropper. 

Uses of CamScanner App:

The CamScanner turns your mobile device into a potent, transportable scanner. The free app allows you to scan, merge, and access cloud storage like cloud or Google Drive. Automatic text recognition (OCR) boosts productivity so you can complete your job more quickly. Anyhow, you may try this app Adobe Acrobat Reader

CamScanner App

Recommendation of CamScanner App:

I recommend, that they download the CamScanner application so they can quickly and easily scan photos on their cellphones. The ideal tool for exchanging PDFs to JEPG formatted documents and photos is CamScanner. The scanner software uses the camera on your mobile device to scan and digitise many types of paper documents. High-quality colours and resolutions thanks to intelligent cropping and automatic enhancement. 

Ratings and reviews: 

According to, app ratings Overall 4.9 out of 5. The app appears to focus and brighten documents after you take, align, and crop the pic! That’s a nice feature. Been using the pro version for years now. Auto cropping works very well so long as the background provides contrast to a doc or receipt. Scanners now produce far crisper images that more closely resemble actual papers than pictures. 

Final words: 

I advise you to download the CamScanner app, is useful for easy scanning that more closely resembles actual papers than pictures improved filters are excellent. Indeed, you may scan, combine, and access cloud storage like the cloud or Google Drive with the free software. Even its scan and fax functionality has a few times saved for me! It allows users to ‘scan’ documents (by taking a photo with the device’s camera) and shares the photo as either a JPEG or PDF.