Disha SOS App

About the Disha app:

The Disha app was developed by the Andhra Pradesh government. The reason behind launching the app is a response to women’s safety problems. The app was launched in the year of February 2020. In times of need, Disha SOS services assist women and citizens. The app also includes vital information such as nearby hospitals, police stations and safe areas, as well as emergency contacts. Every user of the Disha app is available to track the safety feature. Moreover, This app provides helpline numbers 181 or 112.  numbers you can call in case of an emergency to get help. Also, the app is connected to helplines. Furthermore, This app can show awareness in society and reduce the crime rate. 

Purpose of the Disha app:

The Country’s first security app is Disha. According to the Disha Act, investigations must be finished in seven working days and trials in 14 working days. In cases when there is sufficiently convincing evidence are also mandates the death penalty for rape offences. Therefore, using this application women are approaching police officers without any fear. Moreover, this app is quite useful for Disha women’s police station. Disha patrol vehicles, FSLs, Disha special courts and other initiatives have helped and improved women’s safety. 

During that period of time Home Minister Mekathoti Suchitra started that women and students are responding positively and downloading that application. Moreover, The Indian Penal Code (IPC, 1860)’s Section 376 for sexual offences against children is amended by the Act. Also, sections 375(rape), and 376(Non-bailable, the punishment for a sexual offence), 354 Whoever assaults or employs unlawful force on any woman with the intent to offend or knowing that doing so will likely offend her modesty. The section of IPC 509, which offers protection to women generally, was put into effect.


How the Disha app works:

Open the google play store. and look for the Disha app. On your primary mobile device, install the app. Install it, then configure it. You must enter information during setup including name, age, gender, and address. After completing this procedure, you can access the app and use it in an emergency. Further, all women in the state of Andhra Pradesh are being urged by the government to download the app right away. Every user of Disha has access to tracking and safety capabilities, which enable authorities to find the user if she notifies using the app in an emergency circumstance. Additionally, this app provides you with phone numbers you can call to receive assistance in an emergency.


I recommend the Disha app for women’s and citizens’ safety purposes. The app has become so well-liked that the number of calls received through it has surpassed calls to emergency police numbers in Andhra Pradesh. The Disha control room was developed by the technical services branch of the Andhra Pradesh police. Any woman or girl merely needs to shake their smartphone to alert the Disha App. After that, the police show up within 10 minutes to rescue the woman.


Disha app has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars with 5 million downloads. The Disha app is a project to safeguard and defend women in Andhra Pradesh. It alerts the neighbourhood police and authorities and requests assistance in an emergency. The app claimed that it would take less than 6 minutes for police and other appropriate authorities to get to the location of an emergency.

Final words:

In conclusion, Women ought to download the Disha app. Even without an active internet connection, the app functions. Police respond to SOS calls in a record-breaking time of fewer than five minutes, get to the victim, and solve the issue. Also, a specific option is provided in the application to receive the contact information of police officers from the nearest police station, contact information of hospitals, blood banks, maternity centres and pharmacies is also available from the application.

You may also download the Disha app from the play store on android phones and the Apple store on Apple phones. Registration should be done through a mobile number. Through this app, you may protect yourself.