Files by Google

Files by Google

About Files by Google:

Google launched a new app called Files by Google, formerly known as Files Go. Nowadays, every smartphone comes with internal storage space. Once, our internal storage is complete, the device’s notification bar automatically shows the message “Out of storage”. It affects the performance of smartphones. Our next plan is to clear out the unneeded files. Here, we do delete them one by one. But it takes a long time. It’s a file management app. This app easily deletes unnecessary files. The Files app has features like file browsing, media consumption, storage clean-up, and offline file transfer. The app was released on December 5, 2017, by Google.

The Android app mainly focuses on storage clearing. The system intelligently recommends apps, removes duplicate files, and clears the cache. The super in-built feature keeps your device clean and organized. Without the use of the internet, files, apps, documents, and videos are transferred from one mobile device to another.

The Purpose of Files by Google:

The main purpose of the Files app is to help you manage storage. The Google Files app is simple to use. The Google Files app is cost-free and portable; it just uses 10 MB of storage. Here, the primary improvements are the three functions: clearing cache and junk files; improving memory and performance on mobile devices, and Searching through your storage for anything. Large files can be sent, shared, and transmitted at a faster rate. 

The Files app’s main page briefly summarises internal or SD card storage. At the same time, It displays how much space is used and how much is available for use. The app recommends storage of the Google photos utilized. It gives suggestions for an app not used in the past 30 days, a large cache of unnecessary files, audio files, duplicate files, and documents that consume space on your device and gives alerts. Based on the alerts, we can choose to pick an app or file to delete or skip to complete our choice. Here, we will explain the features and functions.Files by Google


Hidden Folder: Files by Google allows you to search for and see hidden files on your Android phone. Hide personal images, videos, TV shows, and movies are examples. Just make sure you don’t erase anything important. Turn on Show hidden files by tapping the three-line menu button in the top left corner.

Safe Folder: Files by Google lets you create a PIN-protected folder on your phone. To maintain security, this folder locks itself when you click away. To set up the feature, The app swipes down to the bottom of the Browse screen and chooses Safe Folder. Enter a 4-digit PIN, tap Next, and confirm your PIN.

In-Built Player: Google Files makes it simple to keep track of all the video and audio files you’ve saved on your phone. With an in-built media player. In addition, you can watch and listen to them without opening another app. You may even make an audio file of your ringtone by selecting Set as ringtone from the media player’s three-dot menu.

Recommendation for Files by Google:

For Android users, Files by Google has become a useful app. Files by Google saves you time and energy by eliminating the need to install multiple apps. Your device is being analyzed by the Files Go app. By using an app, we can add files and share the files. Downloads, received files, apps, photos, videos, audio, and documents are all included in the bottom section of the Files app.

Before you delete the document or app from your device, you can use the share option to back up the file to Google Drive or Dropbox. Once the app is open, at the top of the app, you can see the complete storage details of the internal and SD card. option to view the space occupied by devices.


Files By Google is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars overall, with 6.36 million reviews and more than 1 billion downloads. The app is compatible with only Android devices. Google introduced Safe Folder for its Files by Google app, a new feature that allows users to keep private files locked in a separate, password-protected folder. Users can save any document, file, or media file to the app’s secure location, which can only be accessed with a 4-digit PIN. This feature is more useful. Those who don’t want to share devices. But, they want a secure place to store important files.

Final Words:

However, Google Files allows you to quickly delete this junk to clean up and speed up your device. Tap the “Clean” button at the bottom of the screen to see how much space is currently available on your phone and how much you may restore. Here, by tapping the Confirm and Free Up buttons under the Junk Files section, you can clear temporary files. Files by Google makes it simple to navigate folders on your Android phone and find the file you’re looking for. So, tap the Browse button at the bottom of the screen to browse files on your device by category. Select an item within a category to open, delete, or share with another app on your phone.

Files, Google’s participant file-sharing service, enables you to send and receive files without consuming cellular data. Both users must have Files By Google installed on their Android phones to share a file. Connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can allow you to transfer files. Once you’ve sent something, you may either click Send more files to share more files or hit Back and select Disconnect. It is 100% free to use and there are no ads. Many additional apps perform the same thing—just make sure they work! Indeed, You must download and try the Files By Google app. It is a wonderful app for easily deleting unnecessary files.