Google Assistant

Google Assistant Software application

About Google Assistant: 

        Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence connected virtually software programme created by Google. and it’s largely accessible on mobile and home automation devices. Google Assistant is an updated version of Google now, the company’s prior virtual assistant can hold two-way conversations. Moreover, google assistant was initially exclusive to the pixel and pixel XL smartphones. In February 2017, Google announced Google Assistant to the market on Android phones. The Android Marshmallow, or nougat, will launch in select English-speaking markets. 

Purpose of Google Assistant: 

Google Assistant is also used on phones you can give any command that will show on your device within seconds. By setting up a google voice number, users may make and receive calls, block the numbers, and even send text messages. Also, You may send and receive both individual and group SMS messages using the app. Additionally, we must issue orders to the smart home device in order to synchronise our mobile phone with it.  However, it is available on Web browsers, Android, and iOS, and is easily accessible for all use cases. Also, the Google lens app is useful to get information by taking a photograph.

Googlle Assistant

Recommendation for Google Assistant: 

I recommend, Control messages across devices using google voice. Also, view our detailed emails in the app or use Google Voice to have them sent to your email. Also, Google Assistant can help you to navigate Google Maps on android and iOS devices. Indeed, with your voice, you can share your ETA( Estimated Time of Arrival) with friends, and family, reply to texts and play music and podcasts, search for places along with your route, or add a new stop on Google Maps


Google Assistant gets 4.2 out of 5 stars with 1 billion-plus download. The google Assistant for Android software is really good, simple to use, and effective. It’s great to be able to use my personal cell phone while keeping a different number for work and client calls. You can make calls using a headset and microphone on a desktop or laptop. Also, sometimes communication can be easily seen by one person but not by another. At that time we can use an operational service line rather than your Google assistant number, which is fantastic. 

Final Words:

In brief, Google Assistant is an upgraded version of google now in that it can do internet searches, set alarms, and reminders, modify the device hardware settings and show information from the users’ google account. That can converse back and forth with users through google’s natural language processing technologies. Also, you may arrange your day by setting up an automated routine for the tasks you perform frequently. May try this app and experience it.