Google Drive

Google Drive

About Google Drive:

Google Drive is Launched in 2012. Users can save and share documents online with Google Drive, a free cloud storage service. The program synchronises all of the user’s gadgets, including smartphones, laptops, and PCs, with saved files, images, and more. Users have the ability to modify the privacy settings for specific documents and folders, and data can be up to 750 GB in size when downloaded.

Nowadays Google Drive remains one of the most widely used cloud storage options. Consider the benefits of keeping your data online if you’ve never utilised a cloud-based storage service like Google Drive. Drive does away with the requirement to email or saves a file to a USB drive because data may be accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. And since Drive enables file sharing, collaborating with others is made much simpler.

Purpose of Google Drive:

To do this, just navigate to the Search page and select log in from the menu that appears. Once you’ve chosen your username and password, click “new account.” Additionally, you will be required to input some private data, such as your name and birthdate. Your profile is then established when you select your chosen security settings and confirm your agreement with its privacy statement.

To utilise Google Drive, users must first make a New account. Going to sign up for an account grant you entry to Google Drive as well as other Google services. If you currently get an account but wish to create a new one, see our advice on how to get started with Google.

Files of various sizes and forms can be stored on Google Drive. You may then decide whether to share these or keep them secure and private in your Drive. You can save email files directly to Drive, so you can keep crucial files organised and accessible wherever you need them.

Recommendation for Google Drive:

In addition to offering outstanding unlimited data, Google Drive is a lot more than a cloud-based space to store and synchronisation tools. It is a crucial component of complete, shared office applications. Google Drive lets you lock up information on your PC and also keeps papers you produce offline. you may also try  Google Chrome App.

Google Drive

Feature of Google Drive:

1. Team Collaboration:

Using any device, everywhere, up to 50 individuals can collaborate on the same document at once. You can monitor the progress of the people making modifications by viewing that being presently operating on the document. You can work together on papers, worksheets, presentations, and graphics using Google Drive.

2. Advanced search features:

You can use Google Drive to look for documents and folders that have specific words in either names or content. You can search for papers from a certain person, papers you’ve exchanged with a specific person, a particular type of file, documents changed on a given date, and even more by using the appropriate search terms.

3. Obtain offline access to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides:

When there is no internet service, users may still access documents, spreadsheets, and presentations through Google Drive, which also syncs all modifications when there is internet again. Google Chrome and the Google Docs Online Chrome plugin are required to access this functionality.

4. Backup for PC and Mac:

Additionally, Google Drive enables PC and Mac customers to sync all of their crucial folders and data. Simply download the application for Google Drive then activate the sync options to set up Google Drive.

5. Take a picture of the complete website:

You may also use Google Drive to fully take screenshots of websites. To accomplish this, first, navigate to the website you wish to screen capture, and then select the Save to Google Drive option.


According to the user, the rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars. As per the user 9.43 million reviews. I use Drive as a student to back up all of my crucial data and documents. For my requirements, too, the default 15GB storage is more than adequate. The implementation of end-to-end security for all Drive users in subsequent updates would be very appreciated. Apart from that, the software functions well. Google, many regards.

Final words:

The Google Drive app, as well as the Google Drive website, both, provide very strong and helpful features. My preferred location to save all of my valuables, including photos and documents. It is simple to view and transfer files and distribute them by email or text. significantly better than Dropbox. The best way to store files, videos, and photos.