Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts

 About Google Podcasts:

A podcasting software called Google Podcasts is created by Google and made available for Android smartphones on June 18, 2018. Instead of keeping your Twitter feed or audio files, Google Podcasts links to your posted update and audio files. More than two million podcasts and over 46 million sessions were already accessible for your listening enjoyment.

Purpose of Google Podcasts:

Podcasts had excellent for both educational and enjoyment purposes. You may use the time you would typically spend on those pointless tasks or exercises to help you become ready for the next stage of your career. There is a tonne of shows available that instruct you about particular academic specialities and potential job possibilities. 
You may utilise the additional data provided by Google Podcast Manager about your podcast and the listening habits of your audience to enhance the next episodes and increase audience interaction. 
Google Podcasts

Recommendation for Google Podcasts:

Google Pixel smartphones ship with google podcasts, a helpful but limited podcast app. Despite being portable, it provides all the features required to listen to your favourite podcasts at home or while on the move. The most acceptable podcast applications had more features than Google podcasts offers, but it contains more than you may think. You may also try Google Meet App.  


According to, the user rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars. As per the user’s 621k reviews. The Google Podcasts app is simple to use, and the download feature enables offline podcast listening so that you may listen to them later in remote locations without internet or cellular service. I adore everything about this software, including the wide selection of podcast stations it offers. 

Final words:

Hence Google Podcasts there is more to it than you would believe, but the greatest podcasting programmes provide more capabilities than Google Podcasts provides. Additionally, there is no price for this service  Google Podcasts offers links to the audio files and posted updates. And good app.