ICAI BOS Reproductive Preception Gateway only aims to get consistent courses. ICAI BOS by content such as live and recorded lectures, syllabus courses, information, and study materials. Revision test papers and timetable, major news and student periodicals, and additional gateway.

Widespread penetration and use of smartphone telecommunication have the potential to provide next-generation learning and innovative methodology for better classification assistance to CA students. Chartered Accountant Students Monthly Student Journal can also be obtained by the mobile app.

Purpose of ICAI BOS:

The ICAI BOS app brings a high standard of a good education to the students of the Chartered Accountant. Through the creation of an accessible systematic. Updates of learning to report similar study material account studies Methodology studies Multiple Choice (MCQs) alternative test papers, mock test papers, etc.

They arrange the time-to-time explanation and teaching to help execution of the Accounting guideline. As well as,  transmit learning material, counselling notes, and technological First app. It is to help with e-learning implementation. ICAIBOS

Recommendation for ICAI BOS:

The Chartered Accountancy course is tough, and studying is difficult. The app offers more important and valuable information. Furthermore, Chartered Accountancy is among the most difficult exams to pass, and many students select Commerce because of the profession. They decide to determine their future. Review exam questions, practise test questions, and study the crucial questions for Chartered Accountants.


According to ICAI BOS the Student, the rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars. As per the Student review. Truly, useful and a great app for the students. All in one place their information related to the exam study material in the live classes and learn the easy way of studying. It is a really useful app.

Final words:

This app is excellent for learning and is most useful to students.  Great capability to take by ICAI and download in the smartphone and learn classes. Also, a very useful app for students. The app provides course classes to prepare for tough exams. This app is suitable for CA students.