imo-International Calls & Chat

About IMO:

IMO was established in 2010. IMO is a free audio and video calling application on iOS and Android that allows you to stay with your family members and friends worldwide. with the IMO, Anybody could use IMO for allowing unlimited free phone calls with any other IMO users around the globe as late as you want. We can indeed send images and videos from your relative’s members and friends.

IMO also allows us the give free text messages, pictures and videos to our family members and friends. We could also participate in group messages of more than 200 other people. You can also join with relative members and friends at an actual time without a problem where there may be due to IMO’s unique live stream function. You can use IMO to communicate with your family members for free, without matter where they may be around the globe.

Purpose of IMO: 

You can communicate with friends who utilize any of the succeeding messaging apps on Android Microsoft Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Chat, Google Voice, Facebook, Teamspeak, MySpace, Hyves, and VKontakte. And unlike chat platforms, it does not necessitate the creation of a second account. You can easily record and share small voice recordings while talking.

We need to gather a few of the private details to offer, assist, optimize as well as market the services, People could obtain private information regarding you in a variety of ways, including details users need to provide effectively details concerning you that people instantly gather from data sources, IP addresses, but also compiled customer data cookies, as well as similar devices opinion users, offer us to their friends but also messaging histories.


Recommendation for IMO:

Imo is a video calling and text messaging application that is affordable, simple, and speedy. Also, Send text chatting, phone messages, and videoconferencing to your friends and family members fastly and simply. IMO app is very useful for people chatting. And it is good.

Features of IMO:

IMO is a software service for audio with video calling and online chatting. It supports transmitting audio, video, Documents, and other media, as well as a variety of free tags. IMO is an international video calling anyplace we could use in the global wise. Most networking is supported. Picture, video, and audio texting seem to be examples of multimedia communications. Moreover, the app is available for Android, iOS, Microsoft, and macOS. IMO app Reduced data usage. Screen names, musical soundtracks, and backdrops can be added to your profile. Chat and data storage on the internet. you may also try WhatsApp Messenger App.

Another important feature that distinguishes Imo is group chat. therefore, this function as the name implies lets a group of friends, classmates, coworkers, and even relatives speak on the app without paying Messaging charges. Everything simply must do is encourage the people in the group to install the app and join the conversation.

Benefits to IMO:

IMO is considered one of the greatest iOS applications available. It is designed with cutting-edge programming technology to allow people to make videoconference calls and communicate with colleagues in real-time from anywhere on the planet. One advantage of utilising the application is that it saves a lot of money on phone calls and SMS messages.

Data for Mobile Advertising Identifiers:

IMO app we use digital advertising identification data to provide content, especially adverts related to the interests, of the Service. Third-party advertisers and advertising networks may use advertisement identification acquired from the Service to offer you advertisements through other third-party applications that they think are useful to you.


According to the user rating 4.2 out of 5 stars. As per the user 7.81 million reviews. It’s a really wonderful and helpful programme. Because it allows many individuals to view one another from far away around the globe. Thank you, IMO’s creators, for their beneficial apps. Moreover, Imo is a free, easy-to-use international video call and online messaging tool. Excellent application.

Final words:

IMO-International Calls and Chat is an excellent Android software that expands international calls and communication among friends and family members. The app is simple to utilize and offers good voice quality. The tool has a number of functions that make it ideal for international calling and chat. so IMO download it and enjoy it.