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Kiko Live: Online Shopping App

About Kiko Live:

Kiko Live is established in 2021. and founder is Alok Chawla, Virendra Kumar and Neeta Rijwani. You may now shop live online thanks to social media and direct commerce, which make the purchasing experience easier. The next major advancement in retail is live commerce, which combines quick buying and exploring the potential with audience engagement via a messenger platform and response icons. It is also one of the most effective ways to attract Digital Natives consumers.

Influencer-led Live commerce, which involves spontaneous purchases, works best for apparel, electronic items, and beauty products. Customers seem to be more likely to buy a product after seeing a user discuss its features. In contrast side, one-to-one Live commerce is the intended outcome and is applicable to all industries.

On the portal Kiko Live, you may find nearby stores and really explore them via voice and video calls. Use your smartphone to shop at your favourite retailers, pay, and receive rapid delivery while earning incentives for each transaction Live Quick Commerce is made possible by Kiko Live for shops of all sizes and types.

Purpose of Kiko Live:

Join Kiko to take advantage of a vibrant marketplace that brings together entertainment, lifestyle information, health and beauty advice, and much more. Join this special platform to receive a distinctive live guided buying experience on your smartphone. Enter a digital mall to do hassle-free live shopping.

However, You have an incredible opportunity to become popular because of Kiko. Become a part of this amazing platform and stand out from the crowd. Simply download the Kiko application, begin posting excellent material, and start earning money. It’s time to explore and put your skills on display. Become a Kiko friend with us.

Kiko Live

Recommendation for Kiko Live:

If you’re a vendor looking for a free workshop, your search is done because the Kiko application gives you a free streaming store that expands your customer base. It provides you with many customers and a decent income. Create a virtual store on Kiko to exponentially increase your customer base and revenue.

Imagine having an app that prompts customers in your area to make a purchase from you automatically. Gaining a good market reach is never simple. Isn’t that incredible? Your business is growing swiftly, and you are bringing in more consumers. It is a new technique of purchasing and selling. a location where you may directly receive video calls from buyers and also spark their attention.

Therefore, An Indian start-up called Kiko Live gives millions of small business owners the ability to set up online stores where they may sell to clients. With the use of contemporary technology, its distinctive value proposition offers clients a two-way interactive shopping experience that lets them communicate with sellers electronically. You may also try JioMart Online Shopping App.

Feature of Kiko Live:

  • Live Shopping:

Quick Entertainment Videos are just one of many features we provide they make up a small fraction of our overall offering. While using the app and able to enjoy the content, users can shop. Moreover, Users can earn cash to spend in the application while watching videos by liking and sharing them. The COINS currency can be used to purchase goods from the software.

  • Same-Day Delivery:

Through the Platform, KIKO LIVE hopes to offer its services and guarantee the delivery of its products all over India. To check if deliveries may be made in a particular area, users must enter their address information. A seller’s ability to deliver the merchandise will depend on their limitations.

  • Shopping Assistance:

To provide customers with a unique experience each time they use the application, Kiko live has been regularly introducing new features and updates. The start-up is deliberately making an effort to provide the greatest Social Commerce solutions. Both Android and iOS users can access Kiko live using the application.


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Final words:

Indeed, I have to advise any user to install this top software, where you will find a lot of beautiful options in this Kiko live app. It’s a fantastic app for shopping, and we can make a tonne of coins with it. I enjoy using this application. This platform service is excellent and the delivery option and customer care are both outstanding. Download this app to purchase goods.