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Medical Dictionary by Farlex

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About the Medical Dictionary by Farlex:

The Medical Dictionary by Farlex contains over 45,000 words that are expertly described and cover every topic in medicine and healthcare. By reducing complexity, the Medical Dictionary offers users who are looking for descriptions of medicines an advantage. And medical terminology, test procedures, or other topics with clear and easy-to-understand information. This medical information shouldn’t be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice from a doctor.

You can instantly access more than 1,80,000 meanings of medical terms from the medical dictionary by Farlex. Together with more than 12,000 images from sources that doctors and other healthcare professionals can use. You can use a free app to find brief, in-depth medical definitions from more than ten medical dictionaries and encyclopaedias on various topics.

purpose of  Medical Dictionary by Farlex :

For doctors, nurses, students pursuing medical degrees, and those seeking treatment, The Medical Dictionary by Farlex is the perfect free medical dictionary app. 40,000 offline entries while you search for 1,80,000+ medical terms from credible sources. View more than 12,000 images, including in-depth pictures, charts, and X-rays. You’ll find definitions for tens of thousands of medical acronyms and abbreviations. Learn more about 4,000 prescription and over-the-counter medications.

The Word Medical Dictionary by Farlex is the most recent and complete medical dictionary. You may look up medical terms and abbreviations using this specialist. Recognize the most recent medical vocabulary. Learn more about the healthcare industry!

Medical Dictionary by Farlex

Recommendation of Medical Dictionary by Farlex:

What exactly is a Farlex medical dictionary, and how useful is it? A variety of reference materials will be used at medical schools. Books on medicine and medical manuals are two examples. A handy dictionary will come in handy in many situations. even though it isn’t always the most relevant or important piece of the medical journal literature.

The medical dictionary As you study new stuff, the Farlex app might be your greatest friend. You may need to use your medical dictionary more than once for each sentence. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking up a term you just made up to see if it has the definition you were looking for.

Students with medical backgrounds frequently remember the term. But not the exact words that it stands for because there are so many abbreviations in medicine. There are several names for both diseases and physical structures. It’s possible that you once knew all the names but, over time, lost track of some of them. So, I recommend the Medical Dictionary by Farlex app, which is more useful for doctors and medical professionals.


The Medical Dictionary by Farlex gets 4.4 out of 5 stars. However, more than 7.5K were reviewed. 10 million users have downloaded it so far. So, we recommend you download the app. This is one of the best apps for medical dictionaries. By using this app, we can easily access all the meanings and abbreviations, and medical terms also. And it shows that it makes use of one of the best dictionaries available.

Final words:

A medical dictionary can be a useful tool for filling in the blanks when you are unfamiliar with a medical term. regardless of the environment in which you choose to work. A broad definition may aid your understanding.

For instance, a few of the autoimmune aspects of Hashimoto’s encephalopathy are covered in an article in Clinical Nuclear Medicine. A patient’s medical history may indicate an uncommon disease that you are unfamiliar with or don’t properly understand. The more familiar you are with medicine, the easier it will be to rapidly pick anything up when you encounter something new. But don’t stop learning. You will always face new challenges and outgrow your medical dictionary, so keep studying.