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About  MedPlus:

                  MedPlus is India’s second-largest pharmacy chain. Since 2015, it operates 1,300 outlets in 150 Indian cities and 10,000 people in retailing. MedPlus provides prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines, in addition to FMCG items, vitamins and other multivitamins supplements, and opticals.

Purpose of  MedPlus:

MedPlus Mart app is a complete Pharmacy app. It allows you to order medicines and read important medication information. You may find the best prices on prescription medicines. It also provides baby milk powder, hygiene, body care, hypertension, and specialized goods by using the MedPlus Mart app.

Recommendation for MedPlus:

I recommend this MedPlus App, for in-time emergency medical programs and available drugs, in addition to the great prices on genuine medicines. You may also solve blood pressure and Insulin problems with this App. So, utilize this App in such an emergency. They have 2,166 locations as of June 30, 2021, spread throughout 243 cities in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Odisha, West Bengal, and Maharashtra. They have 14,763 full-time facilitating employees working for us on various business operations, production, and contract manufacturing of private label pharmaceuticals, health, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Retail and wholesale, import, marketing, and pathological diagnostic laboratory testing are one of their businesses. 

However, Medplus’ advertising network system allows serving their customers both in-store and online, Allowing us to leverage powerful offline channels to create and increase its online presence.MedPlus


  At Present, MedPlus is rated on average 3.7 out of 5 by 500 workers. Medplus is well-known for skill development and with a rating of 3.9. Pay and benefits, on the other hand, have the lowest rating of 3.4 and may be enhanced. Further, this app is easy to navigate and it is lite hence hanging less. It’s been great, could find medicines.

Shopping has been made easy with this app, Since the last few years, they purchase medicines from MedPlus. In the past, MedPlus offered points that could be exchanged for specific items. The most recent thing I purchased with points was a high-quality trolley suitcase. The business has now started awarding payback points without affecting the discounts on your purchases. This is a wise business decision. The list of the items offered under this program has not yet been made public.


Initially, MedPlus faces challenges with the home delivery option. The software was difficult to use. Later on, I contacted the support option and learned. Nobody can compete with you. I think that it is important to deliver on time. Without a doubt, they serve consumers at a 20% flat discount. Very nice behaviour and discounts are also huge. I want to know more about the characteristics and purpose of the drug’s generic ingredients. That interests me as well. I gained more knowledge about how drugs work. Thanks to the staff at the MedPlus shop.

The app’s ordering functionality is good. MedPlus is a fine unit that provides us with the required medicines based on a prescription and some that are commonly used. The MedPlus units are present throughout India and outside of India to provide the required medicines and help to stay healthy. This app is extremely user-friendly. Very prompt and accurate, with a humble and cooperative delivery.

Best medical product application and service. Furthermore, this is much better than pharmacy and other apps. The main plus is the presence of brick-and-mortar shops like Medplus, which ensures very quick delivery of medicines. I ordered a set of tablets at midnight, and I was able to collect them the next day. It was fast and satisfying.

Final words of MedPlus users:

According to the reports, MedPlus is India’s good pharmacy app & Store. So many people, Felt happy with this MedPlus app, it’s working on in-time and has a good delivery. Especially this app is user-friendly. It Represents nice behaviour with customers and provides huge discounts. May find the best prices on medicines. The app helps in emergency times. So, I recommend you must download and use it.