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About Microsoft OneDrive App: 

                Microsoft OneDrive App gives you more space for your files and photos. Cloud storage will keep your documents, and movies safe and secure. Using the OneDrive app, you can view and share documents, photos, and videos with your loved ones. It’s used to automatically backup the photos and videos on your phone and Desktop 

 Uses of Microsoft OneDrive App:

Firstly, You can store, sync, and share files easily by using the OneDrive app. Unlimited file access anytime, free-up device storage, and securely store files and information.  It is used by windows 10 and also downloads Airdroid file to synchronize system preferences, graphic modifications, fonts, program settings, and even the tabs, browsing history, and stored passwords of Microsoft Edge. 

Microsoft One Drive App

Recommendation for Microsoft OneDrive App:

I recommend the Microsoft OneDrive app, for its greater space that can save your files and images. Cloud storage keeps your files and pictures safe. This could save your data, Photographs, and movies are automatically backed up. Use alternative services or applications to keep your data. However, it’s not a necessary application for your PC. You can decide to unlink or disable it if you no longer require it. But, It’s a good app to keep your files and data secure. And it’s available on both Desktop and Mobile phones. Might need to use a compression tool for bigger files, the absence of integrations with outside apps.


Microsoft OneDrive itself app average rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars. It provides additional storage for your files and photographs. Photos, movies and data will be safe and secure in cloud storage. Ensure that all of your devices can access and sync your data. 

As per the customer review, I enjoy this app overall. I have quick access to my files, a clear overview, and the ability to read and comment on PDF files. One request though, Occasionally need to zoom in to read books in PDF format because it doesn’t support both horizontal and vertical scrolling. To prevent page movement when scrolling, I would want the option to lock to only one way. 

The app is much better than the website which rarely loads the photos or album sections. The photos backing up need to feel more focused rather than just having an album for your phone. If we wanted to view all our photos we can simply go to the pictures folder in the file viewer. Another recommendation is to maintain the real-life date when backing up photographs to a disc rather than putting the actual date in the file name. 

Final words:

However, Microsoft OneDrive is the most useful cloud data-saving app. It can store images, videos, files, and documents. It is easy to transfer files to your loved ones, who can use this app. Ensure that all of your devices can access and sync your data. So, I recommend this app for simple and easy finding of files and images.