Microsoft PowerPoint

About Microsoft PowerPoint:

Microsoft PowerPoint was developed by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin for the American Computer software company forethought, Inc. It is released in the year of May 22, 1990. A capable programme for creating slide shows is Microsoft PowerPoint. It comes packaged with Word, Excel and other office productivity tools as part of the company’s Microsoft Office suite software. Also, the Slides are used in the programme to provide multimedia-rich information.

Moreover, you can make presentations or slide programmes, where ever you want through Microsoft PowerPoint. Make a slideshow with charts, music, and images. Use pre-made PowerPoint slide shows for things like quarterly and annual reports.

Purpose of Microsoft PowerPoint:

The PowerPoint presentation can help in making education more interactive. Also, using graphs and charts, numbers can be shown more evidently and clearly. Since both graphics and text can be added to a presentation, depicting the growth of a company, business, student’s marks, etc. is easier using PPT. Besides, Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation programme that is specially intended to show data and information.

Also, using slides that include text, animation diagrams, photos, and other visual elements. However, PowerPoint has a wide range of uses across all sectors. In reality, how people use PowerPoint relies on their knowledge, creativity and originality. Also, slideshows may be easily and rapidly created, edited, and viewed from anywhere. You may also try the Microsoft Outlook app.



Slide Layout:

Microsoft PowerPoint app allows users to add audio, and visuals to a feature presentation. Also, multiple options and layouts are available based on which a presentation can be created. A slideshow is a presentation of a series of still images and slides on a projection screen or electronic display device. Besides, PowerPoint slides can generally be divided into three different categories, either in their pure form or combined with other text slides. Conceptual slides and Quantitative charts. 

Insert – clipart, video, audio:

A form of graphic art is clipart. Premade visuals are known as pieces that are used to illustrate any medium. the clipart is widely utilised today and is available in numerous print and electronic formats. Nowadays, the majority of clipart is produced, shared, and employed digitally. Also, PowerPoint allows you to add audio to your presentation. For example, Could add background music to one slide, a sound effect to another, and even record your narration or commentary. Adding music is a piece to the presentation helps to PPT to be attractive as well as interesting.

Slide design:

MS PowerPoint has various themes using which background colour and designs, and textures can be added to a slide. Although there are existing design templates available, in case someone wants to add some new texture and colour, the option to customise the design is also available. Apart from this, slide designs can also be downloaded online. Moreover, The slide design is a graphical representation of themes, colours and layouts fonts and more. With the help of designs, we can choose different types of slide themes in Microsoft PowerPoint.


Animation can help to make a PowerPoint presentation more dynamic and memorable. The most common types of animation effects include entrance and exits. Besides, you can also add sound to increase the intensity of your animation effects. Animation allows you to create 3D, realistic models that allow diagrams etc. To show accurate representations of an object. Also, you can manipulate scales and resist natural rules using animation. You can do whatever you want with animated videos. Allow your creativity to flow. It enables you to create any idea, no matter how complicated or fantastical it may be.


I recommend the Microsoft PowerPoint app.  Audio-visual explanations and presentations are regularly made with this application. The ability to reflect the screen to nearby devices is really useful. Due to its ability to export and share presentations over a secure connection with email, chat, and social media platforms, the programme is incredibly versatile. Additionally, PowerPoint is a strong tool that effectively communicates multimedia-rich content. Create presentations from scratch or use a template with PowerPoint on your PC, Mac, or mobile device. Include text, pictures, artwork, and videos. Using PowerPoint Designer, pick a polished layout.

Gifs are useful when you need a short animation to show a quick product benefit or how your solution works. If you can export your presentation as a video, you can also export it as a Gif. Using PowerPoint for this is a really useful tool for creating GIFs. Also, in Marketing content pieces with PowerPoint, you can create various documents or materials for your content strategy. You can easily do it in PowerPoint ebooks, white papers, brochures,  and even templated them. You may also try the Microsoft teams app


Microsoft PowerPoint has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. It has received a total of 2.07 million reviews. Using a PowerPoint theme may give your slides a uniform, polished appearance by applying a predefined set of colours, fonts and visual effects. Besides, PowerPoint is compatible with PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. Also, PowerPoint and other tools are used to make games and movies. Moreover, a custom animation or slide-by-slide animation in PowerPoint’s AutoShape capabilities can also be used to give artwork motion.

Final words:

In the end, PowerPoint is an excellent app. You may make dynamic slide presentations using the presentation software PowerPoint. In the classroom, PowerPoint can be a useful tool for presenting information and promoting student learning. Also, PowerPoint’s master slides can be used to create reusable, easy-to-use presentation templates for all types of material. This means everyone can use the same templates to assure a consistent brand design across all your presentations. Even if you’re using different versions of the software.

You need a professional CV and cover letter if you want to stand out from the competition while looking for jobs. Try adding some eye-catching visuals and icons to your resume using PowerPoint. You will become even more distinctive from the other applicants as a result. Besides, You may display information effectively and concisely with infographics. PowerPoint already comes with various SmartArt options, charts, diagrams and icons. A great “hidden” feature is that it works great with SVG files. You can use websites like flaticon.com and thenounproject.com to download any kind of icons or graphics you need. May try this app and experience it.