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About My Talking Tom 2:

My Talking Tom 2 is a kids’ gaming app developed by Outfit7 a global video game company from Slovenia. The company was founded by Iza and Samo. The second version was made available on November 03, 2018. The reappearance of a well-known virtual animal brings with it new things to say and do. This adorable is excited to flaunt his new appearance, Skills, and special traits. Minigames and puzzles can provide another level of difficulty.

Every day is an adventure when you have Talking Tom as a delightful virtual pet. Here is My Talking Tom. The well-liked digital pet is back with more things to say and do. Anyhow, you may also try this Subway Surfers android gaming app. 

Uses of My Talking Tom 2:

Get a fun and adorable virtual pet right away! Talk to Talking Tom, Poke him, and give him stylish clothing. Personalise his house. And create amusing films to share with your friends. This adorable cat can’t wait to flaunt his new appearance: skills and special traits. Anyhow, you may also try this Candy Crush Saga android game.

My Talking Tom

Recommendation of My Talking Tom: 

I recommend My Talking Tom 2 because players can interact with their new buddy to help him. This funny cat can’t wait to show off their new wardrobe, skills and special features. And also the popular “Talking Friends” series is from My Talking Tom 2 applications. The series’ primary goal is to have an animated on-screen character repeat your words back to you in a different voice. 


However, This app gets 4.2 out of 5 stars. Users: This is a very good game, my sons enjoy the game, I love the idea of ​​Tom having his own pet, and I like the idea of using a plane to get gifts, There should also be a variety of clothing for Tom. 


According to customer reviews, I adore it, together with almost every Talking Tom and Friends game. I want a game where they are all together in a house that we get to construct. They each have essentially their apartment, even though Ginger and Ben could use a little more fun. Talking Tom offers a lot more possibilities than Talking Tom 1. including the ability to fly to other locations and earn prizes. This is a lot of fun. Even if it doesn’t have that much to do. I still heartily suggest it. So much fun.

Final words:

A virtual software called My Talking Tom exists. This is both my favourite game and my kids’ favourite game. Simply said, I don’t appreciate having to wait so long for Tom to finish his rest. Tom’s sleep bar has to be filled, so please minimise it or make us watch two to three advertisements. This is enjoyable with practically every previous Talking Tom and Friends game, I enjoy it. I still strongly advise it.