NoBroker Flat, Apartment, House

NoBroker Flat, Apartment, House

About NoBroker:

Rent, buy, or sell a house, apartment, flat, shop, or office in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Delhi NCR, or Hyderabad without using a NoBroker. Get rental agreements; packers and movers; home interiors; house painting; cleaning, sanitization, pest control; electrical; carpentry; and plumbing services. You can also pay rent, get a loan, and get legal assistance. The app helps owners connect with genuine, verified buyers and tenants directly. There is no middleman, no brokerage, and no broker to be paid.

Firstly, NoBroker is a Bangalore-based startup in the real estate search business that employs its platform to engage apartment and property owners with tenants and purchasers. In fact, they want to simplify, improve accountability, and lower the cost of purchasing, selling, and renting real estate. In 2014, Akhil Gupta, Amit Agarwal, and Saurabh Garg established NoBroker.

Purpose of NoBroker:

NoBroker android app for a quicker shortlisting process, use this app to view and get detailed information on the photographs and videos of flats, apartments, houses, shops, offices, or properties. You can order a rental agreement online and it is delivered right to your home without going to a government office. Find roommates, flatmates, or shared housing without paying a brokerage fee.

Use a credit card to pay for house rent and maintenance to earn cash back and rewards. You can purchase a rental agreement online in metro cities by using the NoBroker rental app. Get the greatest rental rates on furniture and legal support. Also, The local search market’s leading search engine in India is called JustDial. Its database contains a  record of 12+ million listings, offering services in more than 2000 Indian cities, both large and small.

NoBroker app

Recommendation of NoBroker:

The NoBroker App is used for purchasing and selling real estate. NoBroker claims to do away with brokers between buyers and sellers. The NoBroker app offers access to a wide range of additional services. For property transactions, the NoBroker app enables the seller and buyer to connect on a single platform.

In NoBroker, First need to register and complete your details with house details and bank details with the platform. You will need to enter the tenant and landlord’s information in both RentPay and NoBroker. When entering tenant information in RentPay, you also need to upload the rental agreement. Your bank will then provide you with a special Redgirraffe ID. You can use this ID to make a cash or credit card payment. In addition, The locations of buildings, Offices and other information are recorded by satellite. Google Maps now displays the quickest way from your present position to a house, office and shops in a strange neighbourhood in addition to the quickest route with no traffic to work.


NoBroker gets 4.6 out of 5 stars. Overall, more than 217k are reviewed. The app is downloaded by over 10 million. So, one of the best app to download. NoBroker is a real estate search engine that links buyers, sellers, and tenants directly with property owners and tenants. In addition, the rent payment function is added to the app. Naturally, given that the service’s primary focus is real estate. Either through the No broker app or the website, by selecting the Pay Rent option, you can pay your rent using a credit card.

Final Words:

NoBroker app the key to sustainable corporate success is flexible and inventive. Moreover, to make our customers’ lives as easy and trouble-free as possible. They successfully brought both issues to the table. For instance, we assisted our customers in shortlisting and choosing properties using video walkthroughs to guarantee compliance with customer requirements.

Additionally, NoBroker created and introduced a tool called Touchless Entry (for NoBrokerHood residents) that utilises facial recognition to find occupants of a residence, including household staff. Since India was currently under lockdown because of COVID-19, the feature was released to the market in just three weeks.