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About the Notebook app:

The notebook app was developed by Zoho Corporation. There are numerous ways to take notes and record your thoughts in a notebook. Also, a single text note can be there containing photos, checklists, and audio. Also, make a checklist with a specific notes to fulfil tasks. With Audio notes, record voice memos. Besides, use this simple note-taking tool to work more efficiently. Accessible on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows. For Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, Web clippers are also available. By logging onto, you can browse and take notes online.

The purpose of the Notebook app:

The Notebook introduced the concept of note cards. Note cards are built-in templates for capturing different types of content in a notebook. The text cards let you capture anything in a note, while the checklist card lets you create checklists. There is also an audio card for recording voice notes and a photo card for capturing moments. All note cards have random colours that can be customized.

Notebook is a simple and useful app designed to make note-taking enjoyable. It is suitable for smartphones and tablets and is accessible on iOS and Android. Besides a notebook, taking notes can be enjoyable whether you’re making notes ideas, creating, checklists, capturing thoughts, or snapping pics. Also, each notebook comes with a unique hand-drawn cover by house artists. All your notes sync smoothly across devices and to the Zoho Cloud. Like other productivity apps, Zoho Notebook is free. You may also try this My diary – daily diary journal app

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Take notes:

There are various methods to take notes and capture your thoughts in a notebook. Compose notes is to Create a text note first, then add images, checkboxes, and audio to it. Use the dedicated checklist note to create checklists to complete tasks. Also, the audio notes record voice memos. Use the special photo note to capture moments. Scan business cards and documents. Include PDF, Microsoft, and other file attachments.

Text editor:

To format your notes, use bold, italic, strikethrough, underline, align, indent, outdent, and text highlighter tools. Besides, you can embellish your notes with links, tables, of data, lists, a ruler, quotes, and codes. Don’t format your notes anymore.

Set-Up Notes:

Organize your personal and professional lives. For various note types, create different notebooks. Group notes together to create note stacks. Also, sort your notes either alphabetically or by time. Place the notes in a notepad in a new order. You can move or copy your notes between notebooks. Look through all of your notebooks, or just one. To securely lock your message, use a passcode of your choosing. Use your fingerprint to unlock your notes. Join remarks that have related themes. Favourite notes should be labelled for simple access. To organise your notes, use tags.

sync between significant activities & devices:

The intimate thrill of Notebook comes from using the app, in contrast to the other premium notebook apps. On one device, take a note, and on another, add to it. We have your notes on any device, tablet, computer, or web browser you can think of. Moreover, A notebook for everyday life Keeping track of your daily tasks. Without hesitation, scribble down your creative ideas. Also, plan for outings, weddings, and celebrations efficiently. Besides, create a daily notebook in Notebook.

Notebook Web Clipper:

A stunning, individualised reader view for a more concentrated reading when browsing articles is Notebook web clipper. Create smart cards by clipping page URLs. Add screenshots and cropped images to your notebook. Notebook for students Uses an audio card to capture the full lesson. During talks, you can draw diagrams and jot down notes using sketch cards. To access them later, scan your reference materials. Use notebooks, and Web Clipper, to save research content and links to websites.


I recommend This app helps keep track of all your subject-related notes. Additionally, it simplifies processes like editing and customization. It is also imaginative, shrewd, and enjoyable to use. Notes are fairly simple to arrange and personalise. It allows you to make sketches, write notes, record audio and link images. All formatting options are available. Moreover, allows me to create different notebooks and capture images and audio. May also try the Wattpad app

Print any note using Google Cloud print or any other preferred configuration. Multi-window support for mobile devices running android 7.0 and above. Furthermore, create notes quickly using launcher shortcuts. A long press on the app icon will reveal the note-creation options.


Notebook – Notes, To-do, the journal has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It has received a total of 45.7k reviews. Zoho notebook is a productivity app for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Also, add hyperlinks, data tables, lists, rulers, quotes and codes to your notes. Format your notes using bold, italics, strikethrough, underline, align, indent, and text highlighter tools. Furthermore, it accesses any notebook or note with a single click by creating a shortcut. Moreover, ask google assistant to take notes to create a note instantly.

Final words:

In Brief, Notebook provides different ways to take notes and capture your thoughts. Start with a text, add images, checklists, and audio, all in the same text note. Available on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Web clippers for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge are also available. Furthermore, Sketch down your creativity without any second thought with Sketch Card. Effectively plan trips, weddings, and parties with SketchPlan. Crop photos and screenshots add to Notebook. Record entire lectures using Audio Card. Clip research content and web page links using Notebook Web Clipper. May try this app and experience it.