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About Shadow:

It is developed by Banzai. Games distributed by Nekki, Shadow Fight 3 is an action fighting game. It is a continuation of Shadow Fight 2. The game was published after rigorous beta testing on July 17, 2017, in Canada, on October 27, 2017, in India, and on November 16, 2017, in all other countries.

Shadow Fight 3 does use 2D flat black shadows to portray warriors, as did its predecessors. These days, they are depicted as realistic, three-dimensional characters that are richly animated in a 3D setting. But there is still access to the shadows thanks to a brand-new mode called Shadow Form. The characters have the ability to transform into shadows while in this state, at which point they can use the Shadow Abilities of the loaded items to perform amazing physics-defying actions.

Legion and Dynasty prepared to launch an assault on one another after years of coexisting with Shadow Energy. The mysterious Heralds have emerged as a new hero amongst all of this commotion. They will put an end to the battle and preserve the world by figuring out the mysteries behind the factions.

As a fresh member of the Shadow Squad, a branch of the Legion that doesn’t think twice about using Shadow Energy, players begin the game. As they advance, they will come into contact with different factions and have the opportunity to experiment, mix and match equipment, discover new battle techniques, and finally make the decision that will decide how the conflict will turn out.

Purpose of Shadow Fight 3:

A 2D fighting game with fantastic graphics and a tonne of fascinating material is called Shadow Fight 3. You can design your own warrior, give him armour and weaponry, and then attempt to defeat every foe you come across. It’s a fantastic game that surpasses practically all of its forebears in every way.

After the events of Shadow Fight 2, Shadow Fight 3 places you in the role of a strong warrior. He is responsible for putting an end to the war with the Shadows once and for all. However, closing the gate is no simple process. As you travel through the land, you will come across fighters who can assist you with your mission. After all, it will take more than one person to defeat an army of magical shadow fighters. Enjoy 4 chapters of interesting stories and thrilling combat.

The war between three factions is the focus of the game, which is set some years after the events of Shadow Fight 2. Starting out, the player is a soldier in the Legion, a group that mostly utilizes European weaponry like swords and hammers. Later, they find a quicker, more acrobatic fighting style in Dynasty, where they manage to leave.

Shadow Fight 3

Recommendation for Shadow Fight 3:

Both an RPG and a fighting game, Shadow Fight 3. In order to improve their stats and rank over time, players can personalise their characters with unique weapons and equipment. In Shadow Fight 3, this guide will explain how to level up quickly and how to earn cash and bonuses to Clash of Clans -Strategy Game obtains better warrior gear.

Players in Shadow Fight 3 must complete side tasks and engage in combat to gain experience. It’s crucial to equip stronger gear if you want to raise your warrior’s total numbers. With the help of the following advice, you may quickly level up your warrior by unlocking cards and boxes in the game.

An incredible method to level up your character, gain awards, and get ready for story objectives is to engage in duels. You can increase your multiplier by winning consecutive matches to increase the amount of cash and experience you receive at. The conclusion of each battle. Try to execute unique moves including headshots, first strikes, shadow ability attacks, critical hits, and combinations.

In Shadow Fight 3, there will typically be a choice to watch an advertisement to unlock a free card when you open a booster card pack. Always choose to view the advertisement because doing so is a reasonably easy way to get free weapons or equipment.

A 3D online RPG combat game called Shadow Fight 3 continues the Shadow Fight universe’s storyline with new characters. Utilize shadow energy to strike with spectacular and potent blows that can alter the course of the conflict. To create a distinctive appearance, alter the colours of your equipment and win various outfits in battle.

Feature of Shadow Fight3:

The series’ first title to include a thorough character editor is Shadow Fight 3. The name, gender, and features of the player’s face, as well as their hairstyle and colour, can all be modified in the game. This player’s character will level up and gain new abilities during the game.

With the exception of the common kind, every piece of gear has a special shadow ability. By choosing Benefits and Special Moves appropriate to their playstyle, players can further individualise their fighting approach. These things can be bought and upgraded by the players through four different methods the in-game store, quest rewards, opening chests, and booster pack. Coins, gemstones, and Shadow Energy are the three main sorts of money that can be utilised to speed up this process.

The game’s first three chapters had dedicated to presenting the player with Legion, Dynasty, and Heralds—along with their secrets. And goals in detail three different fighting styles as featured in the game, each of which offers a variety of martial arts manoeuvres, tools, and equipment that can be combined to create a different combat style.

There had a number of side tasks in the game that deepen the narrative and reveal more about the setting. Additionally, there is a player-against-player mode with its own prizes and ranking structure. There have been occasionally scheduled special events where gamers can develop their talents, like Creepy Party.


This app rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars This app is compatible with both Android and iOS and had 3.78 million reviews. And nearly 100 million downloaded in total. One of the most entertaining and engaging games I’ve ever played. The game is made more interesting by its incredible graphics and controls. It enables me to select the tools and techniques of my choosing. Additionally, there had legendary set bonuses that should be overlooked. The races and events also offer worthwhile incentives. This game is one of my favourites. One of the best mobile games I’ve ever played, with a tonne of various play styles and complex, unique mechanics.

Final words:

In the first round of combat, Shadow controls a large robot from within. The robot will not run away from attacks that are not shadow-based. Its three main offensive tools had its hands, energy blades, and missile launchers. The robot can deliver guaranteed critical hits with its hands and energy blades.

Shadow is a particularly dangerous fighting technique that combines several attacks from every known fighting skill into a lot of lengthy combinations. Additionally, Shadow has a shield that serves as both defences against attacks and a means of reducing the power of his barrier in the event of an attack.