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Star wars: Galaxy of heroes

About Star wars: Galaxy of heroes:

Star wars: galaxy of heroes was developed by EA Capital Games and released in the year of November 24 2015. Star wars is a mobile collectable role-playing video game. Fight alongside your favourite dark and light-side heroes in memorable settings as you traverse the galaxy. Utilise characters from all periods, including new ones from star wars. Besides, The Force Awakens, Rogue One, A Star Wars Story, and Star Wars, The Last Jedi, build and personalise your ideal team. Take part in turn-based combat, colossal boss battles, unmatched character development, and more.

Purpose of Star wars: Galaxy of heroes:

Star wars galaxy of heroes is one of the best games for Android. It is a turn-based role-playing game. The players amass characters and ships referred to as toons, improve them, and assemble teams of up to five units before engaging in turn-based battles with several hostile AI-controlled units and player-made teams. Besides, collecting iconic characters from the star wars galaxy of heroes is a construct of elite and dark side teams. Equip your heroes with the ultimate gear and unlock fun abilities to make your squad unstoppable. Dominate the holo tables with your squad of iconic heroes in an epic team battle.

The battle is the sole thing that the game focuses on. However, the game’s diverse cast is another element that particularly appeals to star wars. May also, find both well-known heroes and villains, new and ancient, can be found. Because each playable character has a unique attack style and set of skills, gathering them all will take days or even months. Another benefit of playing this game is the extra content will become available as you level up. May also try Asphalt 8 – Car Racing Game app

Star wars


Unlock legendary heroes & characters from every era of star wars. Level up and upgrade hero units to create your ultimate dream squad. Equip your heroes with upgradable gear to unlock their true potential in star wars. The force unleashed the ultimate star wars experience.

Battle it out in galactic ship action: Create a war force that is ready for battle by assembling iconic ships. Choose strong heroes to command your massive armada. Also, by hiring unique crews for your fleet, you can unlock various ship abilities. Upgrade your ships to dominate your opponents. Compete in the fleet arena to demonstrate your tactical thinking and skills against famous starships in enormous capital ships. Obtain special resources for legendary upgrades that can only be obtained through ship fight awards.

OIN A Strategic battle RPG: In a turn-based RPG battle engage in action-packed battles and send in reinforcements. The perfect plan of attack, changing the course of the conflict to face off against other players. Take over the territory, collect amazing loot, and hone your crew. The Epic benefits gain access to priceless resources such as credits, shards, crystals, and special upgrades. Moreover, claim galactic domination in territory wars and fight for territory in territory battles.

Become a master of the galaxy by controlling and improving your favourite star wars heroes and characters in this galactic roleplaying game. Also, developing dominating skills like Han solo never told me the odds are unstoppable. Moreover, the mind tricks of obi-wan Kenobi and the disintegration of the Mandalorians compete against the crowd to go up the leaderboards and win the galaxy holo games championship.

Squad up online lead raids with allies and engage in turn-based team battles against bosses like ranchers and AT-AT tanks. Together with your pals, create a bespoke guild for guild wars. Moreover, take control of territory battles and use all of your warriors and ships against terrain that is always changing. Defend your area by fighting against opposing guilds to demonstrate your PVP prowess.

Topping the territory war leaderboards. worldwide. In turn-based RPG events like Squad Cantina Battles, Galaxy challenges, PVP Squad arenas and Squad tournaments, you can become a battle legend. Star wars the galaxy of heroes is the ultimate galactic role-playing game, lets you invade, fight and explore the star wars galaxy in real-time.


I recommend, the star wars galaxy of heroes game. This game is simple and fun. There is no fighting, no shouting, and all fights are bloodless. Also, the available option is to the sensor or disable the game’s conversation. It’s an entertaining and tricky champion collection game with events that keep it interesting. Various vital personalities are still secondary to supporting players like tie pilots. The visuals in this game are stunning. The long process for the best characters provides you with a great sense of accomplishment. Additionally, it has a wonderful competitive element and fantastic freedom to play. May also try the Battlefield 2042 app.


Star wars: Galaxy of heroes has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. It receives 1.76 million in total. Android and iOS are available devices to play the game. Overall, 50 million people have downloaded this app. Also, it has many elements to play with other players. However, it’s an enjoyable game to move forward because there are so many beloved characters, including Mara Jade, Starkiller, Dash Render, Darth Revan etc.

Final words:

In the end, This is an awesome game in every aspect. Galaxy of Heroes is one of the best Star Wars games for Android. It’s a role-playing game with a turn-based system from EA Capital Games. You can build your squad, Characters from every era can be used to design and customise your team, including champions from the Mandalorian Star Wars and The Last Jedi. Moreover, level up your heroes and defeat the opponents and rise to the top as you dominate the galactic holo games in a far-off cantina. Upgrade your hero’s abilities as you play for even more powerful attacks and bigger wins.

Defeat the epic bosses lead rides with friends and fight against bosses like the rancour and AAT tank when you create a customizable guild. Besides, battle through an era of rebel leaders and empire stalwarts. It’s your choice as you construct elite light and dark side teams while collecting heroes and other characters from the star war universe. May also try this game and experience it.