About Tasker app:

Tasker is an android application originally developed by the developer “Pent” and later owned by “Joao Dias” in the year of 2009. Tasker is an automation app that lets you build tasks and assign them to different contexts for execution. You instruct the tasker to perform actions A, B and C in response to events X and Y. Also, it enables the execution of user-defined activities in profiles that are triggered by timer-based home screen Widgets. Also, the tasker is more powerful and can perform more complicated tasks on Android devices.

Purpose of Tasker app:

Tasker is an application for Android which performs task sets of actions based on contexts. It manages tasks like Time, Date, Location, Event and Gesture in user-defined profiles. It supports over 350 actions, which you can use to automate a lot of your tasks. Tasker does not access any user data unless the user, specifically set up a profile or task in Tasker. Besides, tasker tasks can be as easy as turning on or off a setting, like Bluetooth. It involved sending media and control commands that are particular to an app through third-party plugins.

Context can take various forms, such as shortcuts, automatic profiles or plugins, or even just opening the app and tapping play. Moreover, download to get a free trial version of the tasker app is available on the official tasker website. May also try the google cloud app. 


Tasker app works:

In Tasker, they have four tasks to work on. Tasks are ordered lists of things you wish to take, and the profile is contextual ways to start them. As well as popups and other visual elements that may be utilised in Tasks in a variety of ways, such as waking up my phone’s screen without the need for root. Also, the Scenes are visual interfaces that users can create to carry out tasks. Values can be set to variables and modified over time. You may assign your variables to the tasker’s many built-in global variables if you so want.

Once you’ve chosen an action, you can configure it, such as telling Wi-Fi to turn off rather than or tell which app to direct commands to. Besides, a Tasker can do multiple actions. just as a profile can have multiple contexts and functions. May also try the Turbo VPN app.

What can My Tasker do:

My Tasker can complete any task like Sending SMS, making notifications, and altering nearly every system parameter. Including Wi-Fi tether, and Dark Mode. Besides, the display changing, volume managing and managing the do not disturb running apps. Manipulating files, managing music playback, and finding a location.

How to create the Tasker app:

To create the Tasker app Click the night mode icon at the top of the screen and select the time you want it to operate.

Create a new action:

  • Enter the Task Edit page and press the button to create an action.
  • choose Audio.
  • Select do not disturb.
  • The mode selection allows you to set specific preferences. Let the alarms on priority contacts came through. there is an example of
  • Press the back button. Now your first action is created.
  • Tap on the + button again.
  • Select Display.
  • Choose display brightness.
  • Under the level select the brightness you want. Then press the black button again.
  • In the following actions, we turn off GPS. Press the + button again.
  • Select a location, and then select a stop location.
  • To turn off the Bluetooth, press the + button, select Net, select Bluetooth, and set the option to off. Press the back button and your night mode is ready.


Date and time It is very easy to handle date and time-related actions in Tasker. The lights automatically turn on before sunset you could get the sunset time, from a Web API, parse it and directly subtract 30 mins from it in a single action. Besides parsing any date, this action can also format dates and times in any format imaginable. Display Make a new assignment. Choose the “+” icon. Choose “Display  then “Display timeout.” Choose the duration you wish to set, then hit “Save.” Next, choose “Profile” and press “+,” then “Applications.” Mark the programmes that you want to use this Tasker profile with.

File in tasker can automatically back up your files on the devices, SD card, USB key, or Google Drive if set up. It helps you protect your files on your phone. In Sensor, you can choose how frequently the sensor is checked for each state or event. Allowing you to determine exactly how reliable you want the condition to be while keeping in mind that more checks will require more battery life. Tasker UI helps beginners get into device automation with a cleaner and more concise interface. Also, can switch between the full tasker experience and Tasky at any time with all of your pre-applied routines carried over.


I recommend, Tasker an Android programming app for the masses. It lets you use a friendly interface to create mini Android apps that do your bidding. The basics of using Tasker to program your Android device to do what you want according to the rules you specify. Besides, Tasker can automatically backup your files to a specific folder on the device, an SD card, a USB key, or even Google Drive. Moreover, automatic things are based on the app you’re in the time of day, your location, or your Wi-Fi network.


Tasker has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. It receives 52.3k reviews in total. Tasker is an Android app that automates the performance of based task setting of actions or context. Also, the actions are mechanised and carried out by the app when certain conditions are met according to the contexts and conditions that users define in their profiles. The Widget allows the screen to select the configuration of a task to be performed when an icon is clicked on the Android home screen. Moreover, taskers can multitask.

Final words:

In the end, Tasker is an application for android which performs tasks and sets of actions based on contexts application, time, date, location, event, and gesture in user-defined profiles or in clickable or timer home screen widgets. Despite having an appealing interface, Tasker has a challenging learning curve. May try this app and experience it.