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About Temple Run:

The Temple Run had established in 2012. Imangi Studio created and released the 3D infinite running video game known as Temple Run. The player is in charge of an expedition that discovered an ancient artefact and is being pursued by monsters that resemble demonic monkeys. According, to In Temple Run, your character first moves through a very straightforward maze at a moderate pace.

 Purpose of Temple Run:

According, to this game, is fun, and if you’re a quick runner, you’ll definitely enjoy it you are being pursued by a monster, and you must flee as quickly as you can to avoid being eaten, many enjoyable events also take place along the route. The individuals you select to play as in this game rob a temple of a gem, and your objective is to run as long as you can before collapsing either by crashing too many times and having the demonic monkey catch you, getting burned by the random flames, or falling off the edge. The Wolf Among Us will be fantastic if you enjoy

Temple run

Recommendation for Temple Run: 

Indeed, Temple Run is one of the most played Android games in history. It utilises the Phone’s touchscreen interface and provides the player with simple, swipe and accelerometer-based controls. Also, the game might become monotonous due to its reception, even if you appreciate the gameplay.


According, to the Temple Run user rating, is 4.1 out of 5 stars. As per review. There had so, many incredible things you can accomplish. I heartily suggest it. Also, there is a tonne of different characters available. Improve them as well. In addition, the coin’s appearance a customizable. I already said how much I think people should try it. One of the best running games of all time. This game is awesome.

Final words:

However, Great game. Simple graphics and very good gameplay used to play this game often and enjoyed it. Also, It’s a very awesome game and is very challenging there had characters if you like to change any character to male or female you can and their power-ups to boost the player in the game. Most people enjoy playing temple runs.