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About the Testbook:

The Testbook App is the best solution for all types of government and competitive exams. In 2015, the app was made available on the Google Play Store. Since over 100 million people have downloaded the app, it is only compatible with Android devices running version 5.0 or higher. Testbook is the most reliable software for competitive test preparation.

We provide a perfect online learning experience for all government examinations for free. And it is supported by a community of over 1.5 crore students. Our goal is to offer the greatest learning environment through an all-inclusive preparatory strategy. Also, live tutoring, no-cost practice exams, one-on-one question-and-answer sessions, and PDF notes.

As a result, you can get a clear understanding of all the important SSC syllabus subjects with the help of the textbook. Contact our specialists to learn more about the best CTET books, practice exams, and other resources. In addition to all other courses, our skilled teachers can help you with GATE CSE and GATE Mechanical.Testbook

Testbook’s purpose:

Start your SSC preparations with the Testbook App’s free sample tests and a variety of courses with the SSC CGL & CHSL Preparation App. In addition, the best CTET app for you is Testbook, which offers CTET question papers, live tutoring, practice exams, and individualized RRB Exams instruction. We have excelled with GATE preparation. In GATE 2021, we produced 167 selections, which is the highest selection rate ever.

The best questions from a pool of more than one lakh questions are chosen for the Testbook, a Next Generation Book. The user’s attempt and performance data on each question are used to identify which questions are chosen and how they are divided into 3 different levels of difficulty.

Massive data points from students’ responses, including the average student performance and top performers, are extracted and processed by the Testbook team. These data points included the average student performance and top performers, as well as the average response time and accuracy trend for each question. Then provided you with some amazing related information. One more app for studying: Microsoft Math Solver is an application that displays math equation answers and allows users to browse related topics.

Recommendation of Testbook:

You can select any exam on the Testbook app based on your preferences. For the course you choose, they provide customized service. For every type of exam, there are several test papers available. A live coaching lesson may be taken from home. This app’s syllabus and materials are incredibly useful for the test.

Moreover, this app offers a tonne of test kits and quizzes that will help you regularly increase your general knowledge. In addition, the app’s information and the syllabus are both incredibly useful for the test. To ensure proper instruction, they assign mentors to each student. Students get access to PDF notes. You have to try the Slack app. It’s a messaging app for businesses that connects people to the information they need.


According, to reports 4.5 out of 5 stars. The app is more useful for exams like banks, SSC, railways, etc. This is helpful for SSCE exams, bank tests, and even railway examinations. Another excellent feature of Testbook is its live mock tests. Overall, 431k students and working professionals are using the app. Everyone who is training for government jobs and competitive exams must download the app. And you get the benefits.

Final words:

However, one of the top applications for competitive test preparation is the Testbook App. It is a learning platform that consists of a website, a mobile app, and resources for preparing for government examinations. They aim to provide a complete learning environment for students on one platform by providing an online tutoring experience with the test series for all key government examinations in either state or central.

In 2013, Testbook is established, and it is headquartered in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. However, the Testbook app is supported by Iron Pillar, Matrix Partners India, Better Capital, AngelList, and other investors. Testbook is raced to the front and is well-positioned to capture larger markets with a user base of more than 22 lakh students, 55 crore questions answered on the Web, and an outstanding Android App.