Trading View: A Stock Market Analysis App

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About Trading view:

The trading view app is used by more than 45 million traders. Traders and investors use TradingView, a US-based firm’s charting platform and social networking site, to identify good opportunities in a variety of international stock markets. For new traders, the easy user interface makes it simple to use, while for expert traders, the complex features and tools provide a lot.

TradingView is an effective technical analysis tool for both new and experienced investors and traders. It is reliable, detailed, and contains the majority of the needs related to trading.

Tradingview is a platform where market enthusiasts, educators, traders, and investors can come together to discuss the market and share knowledge. You may accelerate your trading development by taking an active part in community involvement and discussions.Tradingview

Trading view’s Purpose:

In the trading view, you get real-time quotes and charts at any moment, no matter where you are. It is simple for beginners and effective for technical analysis professionals. All data at TradingView is sourced from reliable organizations with direct access to stock quotes, futures, well-known indexes, forex, bitcoin, and CFDs.

A high-level assessment of an asset’s performance over a specific period is provided by trading view charts. Users have the option to live broadcast themselves while they analyse charts, follow other traders, and publish their charts and investing theses. You can access the platform by going to its website and installing a desktop or mobile app.

Recommendation of Trading view:

The easy-to-use Whether you’re new to charting or simply want to understand how it functions, a TradingView Basic account might get you started. For each layout, you receive a single alert with three indications that may be used on a single device. However, you continue to use the world’s data and the economic earnings plan.

TradingView premium provides many pricing schemes. TradingView Pro-Versions range in price from $14.95 to $29.95 per month, while TradingView Basic is free. There is a discount on the annual subscription. When you’ve decided TradingView is the best option for you, the monthly membership works best. Moneycontrol is helpful for those who are in the stock market. 1.7 million people visit each month, and we’re excited to review its stock analysis tools for you today.


TradingView is a trader’s best buddy since it is comprehensive, filled with special tools, and overflowing with knowledge. The online platform has several unclear or disorganised components. We advise starting with a TradingView Basic account so you can try out its tools without paying anything. You may upgrade your account at any time if you enjoy the experience. A total of 227K reviews received 4.5 to 5 stars.

Final words:

One of the top low-cost charting platforms available online is TradingView. For the most part, there isn’t much competition in the domain of simple charting features. Compared to the industry leader, Trade Ideas, the stock screening capabilities are limited. TrendSpider could be a better option for you if you want a backtesting module and a little bit more artificial intelligence-based technologies.

When it comes to market screening and trading automation, Trade Ideas is the preferable alternative to TradingView. Every day, their stock screener, which is driven by artificial intelligence, identifies the transactions with the highest potential. Additionally, they provide a free trading room and weekly free seminars. TrendSpider and NinjaTrader are two excellent charting choices.