Truecaller: Caller ID and Block

About Truecaller:

TrueCaller is a smartphone app that displays the caller’s name when they call, even if the person is not in the user’s contact book. It may also block unwanted calls, keeping you from being disturbed by ringing phones. This allows the app to identify who belongs to that phone number and serves as a primary point for spam call prevention. Anyone signing up for the first time must grant the app access, but once you do, your complete contact list is uploaded.

Truecaller is a smartphone app created by True Application Scandinavia AB. On July 1, 2009, the app launched for Symbian and Windows Mobile. It launched on September 23, 2009, for Android and Apple iPhone, on February 27, 2012, for BlackBerry, on March 1, 2012, for Windows Phone, and on September 3, 2012, for Nokia Series 40.

Even if the caller’s phone number is not in your contacts, the best caller identification app can instantly identify the caller. Even the caller’s identity can be seen before they answer the phone. A small video you filmed acts as your caller ID when you call family and friends.

The Purpose of Truecaller:

The Truecaller identifier classifies callers as spam or safe based on contact information from network providers and data from other users. Truecaller is a popular app, mainly because it assists in recognizing calls from unknown numbers, blocking calls, and avoiding spammers. True Caller Search collects mobile phone number information from those who use this app or their phonebook contacts. It offers an integrated caller ID service. In addition, call filtering and social media integration keep the phonebook up-to-date.

Do you notice that? When someone calls you, their contact information will appear in two colors. A blue card contact normally shows that it is safe to attend the call, but a red card contact shows that it is a spam call and not important to participate in. It provides information on callers not in your address books, such as marketers and spam calls. You can use the app to make video calls, send flash messages, and even make digital payments.

TrueCaller offers an easy and fast registration process once the app is installed. It requires you to sign UP using a mobile number and name, a Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account. Also, try the app,  Twitch is aimed at serving as a platform for content, such as competitive gaming, player-specific live streams, and chat programs about video games.Truecaller


New Technology: The new Truecaller app provides the most advanced caller ID and dialer technology. With the recently launched full-screen Caller ID, you can quickly identify whether an incoming call is personal, business, or spam(Marketing, Promotion, and Advertising). In addition, you can perform all other important activities from the same screen, like accepting, rejecting, or sending a quick message.

Call Recording: All Android users can record incoming and outgoing calls with the new Truecaller call recorder app. The best and the easiest call-recording app is this one. But, the default contact app is TrueCaller. You have to select calls that are manually recorded, or you can choose to automatically record every call or a specific call. One of the few apps, Truecaller, lets you record calls either before you answer or while you’re already on the phone. During the routine backup, Truecaller transfers these recordings to your Google Drive account. There is a 14-day trial period for the free version. But if you want unlimited access, you must subscribe to the paid version.

Symbol “DOT”: Do you know what the symbols on the TrueCaller ID mean? A Truecaller green dot means on a contact shows they are available, whereas a red dot means they are speaking with someone else. You have the option to phone them or leave a “Call Me Back” message. It’s a simple and efficient answer.

Recommendation for Truecaller:

TrueCaller online search is a highly effective caller ID app. It shows you who is calling, who the caller is, and where they are calling from. The app provides the option to create a blocklist to replace an existing spam list. The unwanted caller dials and the user hears a busy tone on their end but nothing on your end.

The TrueCaller APK lets you search for any name or phone number. Simply enter a phone number to find the name linked with it. Obtain additional information, such as the network provider and a profile picture. Sometimes, the information may not be correct in certain circumstances, but it is in the majority of them. The greater the number of users in a region, the more accurate. Also, The NoBroker App is used for purchasing and selling real estate. NoBroker claims to do away with brokers between buyers and sellers.


The Truecaller app is 4.3 out of 5 stars overall, with 18.1 million reviews and more than 1 billion downloads. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Telemarketers, scammers, and other annoyances are simply avoided by filtering out all of your calls and messages. The only app you need to have effective and private discussions is TrueCaller. Millions of users worldwide update the app’s extensive spam list, which is based on a large community.

Final words:

The multipurpose app TrueCaller also lets you back up your contacts. This program allows you to block calls from numbers you suspect are scammers if you receive them. History, contacts, and other information will be saved to your Google Drive automatically. Simply give the app storage access when you want to restore your contacts. Without a method for dealing with inappropriate messages. Use an app like Truecaller to reduce the risk to a minimum.

The app also brings good news for those who use two SIM cards. One command is used to switch from one network to another. You can report spam emails that contain incorrect facts using the anti-fake news feature. In the app’s UI, data from both SIM cards are organized. Getting a subscription allows you to remove advertising and access other services. Show caller is another free anti-spam program that you can use even without an internet connection. You can record calls, and there are no advertisements.