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 About Urban Company:

                Urban Company(previously UrbanClap) is India’s and the UAE’s wide range home services firm, founded in November 2014. The use of urban firms offers services like beauty at home, house cleaning, carpentry, plumbing, appliance repair, painting, etc. Varun Khaitan, Abhiraj Bhal, and Raghava Chandra’s initial firm, Urban Company, was previously known as Urban Clap. The three engineers decided to leave their secure employment to launch a business that addressed a significant customer demand for Indian home services. 

Purpose of Urban Company: 

               Choose from more than 50 services and book home services through the app at pre-approved costs. Take advantage of in-home services from reputable and background-checked specialists. UrbanClap, now Urban Company, has over 50 million customers and is the most rated and ranked app in the House and Home category. The Urban Company with people searching for specialized services. Once on the site, its matching technology finds specialists that are closest to the user’s needs and available at the given time and date. Anyhow, you may also have tried this app House joy.  

Urban Company

Recommendation for Urban Company: 

Nowadays, this app is very useful for the quick cleaning in in-time when we don’t have time to clean our homes and surroundings because of work schedules. This platform is fantastic for cleaning. This app is great for finding specialized services. Our matching technology and user requirements will be available in the time frame after we search this site.

UC guarantee that you receive sanitary treatment in the comfort of your home. We have taken several procedures. Before performing any work, the firm’s professionals wear gloves and masks and sanitize all the equipment.

In addition, the app allows users to book household services such as AC servicing, electrician, plumber, and carpenter, as well as beauty and wellness services for both men and women. A complete list of at-home services is provided below: Spa at Home, Salon at home party make-up, Home Parlor, Home Massage, Men’s Haircut. 

Review and ratings:

Urban Company has a 4.7 rating with 10 million downloads. According to reports, India’s largest home service company services are available through mobile applications such as home cleaning, beauty, and Spa at home. As per the customer review, I used UC for bathroom cleaning services, and the service is above average but not exceptional. 

My refrigerator repair took around 4 hours to complete (starting from video inspection, technician visit, repair, and invoice generation). The pricing procedure is transparent and easy to navigate. It is quite simple to use, and assistance is also very easy to access. I chose the Urban company. 

Final Words: 

However, the Urban Company provides good facilities. It is that we can easily solve house cleaning, spa, and health problems in real-time. Everything is satisfactory with Urban Company, such as good house service, a salon, a home party make-up, a home parlour, and prices that are very reasonable and satisfactory. In the available time, we search this site, its matching technology reaches user needs. I use this app for good specialized services.