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About Way2News:

Way2News’ head office is in Hyderabad. It first began in 2015. Way2Sms was founded in 2006 by Raju Vanapala, a first-generation entrepreneur. He belongs to a farming family in the small town of Vijayawada. Additionally, Raju is the creator and CEO of the online learning platform LearnSocial.Way2News built Way2Online for great teams to create truly exceptional solutions and be the market leader in each of our chosen industries. Way2News is a mobile app-only service that provides news summaries in various regional Indian languages from various sources in a magazine-style format.

Moreover, the team anticipates a significant increase in demand for news consumption in local languages as smartphones become more popular in cities and villages. India reads the news with an unsatisfying desire. Customers generally have a variety of options, including OTT platforms and apps, television, print media, radio, and more. Across territorial boundaries, mainstream media provide important local news. Way2News, a hyperlocal news ecosystem, offers a solution. 30,000 local reporters in 23 joint districts, 1,100 mandals, and towns in AP and Telangana contributed 5,000 new stories. It is the largest hyperlocal citizen journalism platform for news-based content in two Telugu-speaking states.

The Purpose of  Way2News:

Truly, India’s leading hyperlocal short news app, Way2News, provides the latest news updates in eight Indian languages, all in a brief and personalized manner. Read in your favorite language from Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Bangla, and Gujarati. Enjoy a new flip-to-read experience and keep up with current affairs. The News app is an app designed by Way2news as the favorite news app for celebrities and politicians.Way2News

It also has bookmarking and flip-to-read capabilities, so you can easily access articles you don’t have time to read right now. Read quick news to keep current affairs at your fingertips. We have divided the categories into business, sports, politics, technology, digital magazines, and entertainment based on your choices. If you want to read full news articles, you can also access full news stories or content. Way2News has everything covered in one place, including news in your neighborhood.

Way2News has established a remarkable capacity for wealth generation and development. Their user marketing plan, engagement levels, and retention levels are exceptional and top-of-the-line in the industry. We are excited by their dedication to providing people with amazing times and their desire to make Way2News the biggest vernacular platform. Also, try this news app, These days, we hardly ever have time to relax and read the newspaper because of our busy lives and long workdays. An app by the name of Inshorts.


Focusing on a mobile News app called News Quiz, the company is now focusing on using the technology to report on local events. With digital, we can target specific villages, and we feel this is a great opportunity to speak to real Indian people through our new app. After focusing on covering international events, the company is now rapidly expanding to cover local events. Therefore, we have developed a hyperlocal platform and are using content from users and vendors to supply it. On our platform, citizen journalism is currently working well.

In addition, Share news Let your friends read the news you want to share with them. Read news in the style you want, whether the categories are business, sports, or the film industry. Experience flipping news articles up and down for comfortable reading. Polls Take surveys on various topics to share your thoughts with national statisticians. Bookmark You can save articles you want to read again by adding them to “My Bookmarks.”

Recommendation for Way2News:

The company’s momentum has grown as a result of a significant rise in regional language content consumption. Positive word-of-mouth is now an important element of our work. It spreads brief text and video content throughout India in regional languages. With its straightforward flip feature and hyperlocal news coverage, it has become the nation’s top go-to place for people. The company will invest in expanding its powerful AI-based technology as well as adding personnel in a range of departments, including editing, sales, and marketing.

Open-source news platforms designed specifically for mobile devices and improved AI-based quality controls are ground-breaking and long-lasting. Way2News has broken the code at a time when existing social media and news publishing platforms may make it challenging to locate trustworthy local news. Users can locate accurate news from small towns and villages using our platform while still receiving in-depth coverage. Also, Try this app, Google News is a search engine that collects and combines news from thousands of sites around the world. And makes it available to interested people based on their expressed preferences.


Way2News has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It has received a total of 593,000 reviews. The app is compatible with Android, iOS, and PCs. Over 10 million people have downloaded the app so far. A popular app for quick news is Way2News. It offers news articles in 8 different languages across a variety of genres, including business, sports, education, and more. The app advertising platform assists businesses in increasing visibility and promoting products and services. Advertise on the Way2News app now.

Final Words:

Mainly, our daily news content has evolved as a result of the internet and smartphones. These days, a story can start at any moment and be reported immediately. People are choosing their media preferences, as well as what to read and watch, with greater speed and greater connectivity. India’s population is using the Internet more frequently than ever before, and they are looking for content that most closely matches their interests. If news stories are personalized, have simple interfaces suitable for mobile devices, and are knowledge-based, audiences will feel like they are part of something important. Today’s world is dangerously polluted with misinformation. People want to read reliable news.

Indeed, the development of modern, frequently less affordable digital devices and the growth in the availability of digital content and services have led to a shift in the media environment toward a more digital one. Way2News was named the top hyperlocal short news app in India. Because of its straightforward flip function and hyperlocal news coverage, it has become the top destination for people all over the nation. So, this is a good option when you want to read short news stories in your regional language. It is recommended to download and use the app. Because it is the best quick news app.