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About Where is my Train:

An app called “Where is My Train” shows current schedules and real-time train status. Without an internet connection or GPS, the app can operate offline. It has a tonne of helpful features, like speedometers and destination alarms. Where is My Train, an app developed by Bengaluru-based startup Sigmoid Labs, being bought by Google. According to Google, the startup will be a part of a team that “will continue to grow on the present offering and more.” Details of the purchase were kept private by the company.

The Where Is My Train App provides offline Indian Railways timetable. You can use the source and destination of the train, as well as partial train names, with a smart search. This programme uses data and battery power very efficiently. Without GPS, features like determining train times and destinations can’t operate. Despite having a lot of information offline, the app is still only a small size.

Where is my train app’s purpose:

The app and websites allow you to track your train schedule and real-time location. Where it’s going, and its current status, even if it’s running late? If you want to know how far the train is from the final destination, there is no need to call the helpline number. The app can work without an internet connection or GPS, and users can even set alarms to remind them when their train is getting close to their destination. It is India’s top-rated travel app with more than 10 million downloads.Where is My Train

Where is My Train Recommendation:

The Where is My Train app is one of the best solutions for locating the train’s live status and knowing about the coach’s location and seat/berth configuration before boarding the train. Whenever available, it also displays the platform numbers for boarding and intermediate stops. The software is quite effective both in terms of battery life and data usage. Key features such as locating train stations and schedules can function without the internet or GPS.

Your train’s current status, including arrival and departure times, will be shown on the app. By entering the station code or station name in the live station area before getting on the train, you may also find the scheduled and expected arrival and departure times. You can check the availability of seats there by going to the Indian Railways Passenger Reservation Enquiry. Google maps are very useful for unknown location routes and easily searching for points, areas, and locations is quite helpful.


Where is My Train overall gets 4.5 out of 5 stars and has 3.3 million downloads. It is compatible with both the iOS and Android operating systems. Anyhow, Where is My Train is the best solution for locating the train’s live status and knowing about the coach’s location and seat/berth configuration before boarding the train. I recommend you download the app.

Final Words:

The developers of the “Where is My Train” app, Sigmoid Labs, are joining Google. Our goal when developing the app was to leverage technology to better the lives of millions of Indian train passengers. The companies said that they’re thrilled to work with Google to enable more individuals to get access to knowledge and technology. According to Indian Railways statistics from 2019–20, India has the fourth-largest railway network in the world, with a total route length of 67,368km and 8,116 million originating passengers yearly. Even though more than 500 million Indians already use the internet, data access in the country’s distant regions is inconsistent and intermittent.