Wikipedia Application

About the Wikipedia app:

Wikipedia is a group of users known as Wikipedians who worked together to establish Wikipedia, a free, open-content online encyclopedia. Developed by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger in the year of January 15, 2001. While registration is not necessary to modify articles, anybody who is registered on the site can create articles for publication. Also, the biggest and most popular reference source in history is Wikipedia. As of 2022, Wikipedia is listed as the 7th most popular website, it is constantly been one of the top 10 websites according to similar web and previous Alexa.

Purpose of Wikipedia app:

Wikipedia is a place to learn, not a place for advertising. This software was made by the Wikimedia Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that manages and promotes Wikipedia. In an effort to encourage unrestricted access to information that is never monitored using your personal information, we provide the service. The aim of Wikipedia is to serve as a publicly accessible, all-inclusive textual summary that surrounds all fields of knowledge, as well as to deliver readers with relevant information. Also, Wikipedia is accessible in 329 different languages. The Wikipedia app can search for everything that we need BHIM – MAKING INDIA CASHLESS app.

Wikipedia app

Recommendation for Wikipedia app:

I recommend Wikipedia to freshmen to eminent professors, and more and more members of the academic world we turning to Wikipedia as a quick “ready reference” to understand a topic or idea and as an instantly available tertiary source of knowledge on everything. Also, search 40 million articles in over 300 languages in the world’s largest source of information. And set your preferred languages in the app and easily switch between them when browsing and reading. You may also try the LinkedIn app. 


Wikipedia gets 4.5 out of 5 stars with 50 million plus downloads. This app is quite very usable. The latest iteration of this app has improved navigability and has also added several customisable features. All over, the Wikipedia service is accessed by 1.5 billion unique devices from around the world every single month. Wikipedia is a reservoir of information on almost everything that takes place on earth and beyond. 

Final words:

Indeed, Wikipedia has gained an appreciation for its role in democratising information, the range of its coverage, its original instruction and culture, and the low level of commercial bias, although, it has also drawn criticism for systematic bias, especially against women, and suspected ideological bias. Moreover, the media attention is also focused on the website’s coverage of Controversial international affairs, political issues, and significant occurrences like the COVID pandemic and the Russian trespass of Ukraine. However, You may try this app.